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Dear Friend,

As CEO of Spy Escape & Evasion, it’s my privilege to extend this exclusive invitation to you.

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The Titanium Tactical Pen
“Last week whilst taking my mother to France for Xmas (We are still here) she accidentally locked and padlocked her case with the keys inside. Anyway I had a go and remembering a video of yours I watched… I tensioned the lock, raked the pins and then jiggled them. "Snick". The lock came open. And my mother was VERY happy! Thank you for your help and for making my Mum, not only happy but a little bit proud of me too!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Michael Robary, London, England  
As you can see, I went to great lengths to team up with the absolute best engineers to create this Titanium Tactical Pen.

In fact, it’s highly unique in that it’s made out of three solid pieces of Grade 5 Titanium – the same Titanium used to make armor plates that stop even the highest caliber rounds.

And really… is there any element that calls to mind the strength and toughness like the metal named after the Greek God Titan?

It resists corrosion from salt water and acid…

It’s as strong as steel, yet 45% lighter…

And, it’s nearly impossible to melt (unless you use one crazy oxygen torch that heats to over 1700 degrees Celsius).

Even the U.S. Government is using Titanium in more and more of its applications throughout the world.

Recently, the Department of Defense contracted Colt Defense to produce a minimum of 900 M240L medium machine guns.


Because they’re made out of Titanium and they’re 5.4 pounds lighter than their predecessor, the M240B.

5.4 pounds may not sound like a lot, but considering the average weight of a ground soldier’s pack is 91 pounds…

It makes a huge difference when they’re out for long periods of time.

And the machine guns?

Well, they’re virtually indestructible…

Just like this Titanium Tactical Pen… which is exactly what you want if the moment arises when you need it most.

As an added bonus, you’ll receive a custom carrybox with a padded foam insert specially made for this pen.

You’ll also be presented with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The fact is, this Titanium Tactical Pen, made of the highest-grade Titanium, should sell for as much as $300.

However, it’s not always about profits.

Sometimes, it’s about recognition and gratitude… And I’d like to recognize you as one of our best customers and express my gratitude for your continued support.

That’s why this limited-edition, Titanium Tactical Pen has been set aside for you for only $99.

The bottom line is this…

Now you can have the limited-edition Tactical Pen with exquisite craftsmanship made out of one of the toughest metals in the world.

Once you open up the package and get the feel of the metal on your fingertips, you won’t want to put the pen down.

Your friends will writhe in envy when they catch a glimpse of the Titanium Tactical Pen.

And strangers will whisper to each other about how they can get their hands on such a masterpiece.

Just keep in mind…

The only way for me to get this Titanium Tactical Pen into your hands is for you to order quickly, since we only have 1,000 on hand.

They will go fast…

That, I can assure you.

I hope you’ll join me as one of only 1,000 exclusive members that own this collector’s item.

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Stay Safe,

Jason Hanson
CEO, Spy Escape & Evasion