Urgent Warning From
Former CIA Officer and New York Times
 Bestselling Author, Jason Hanson
This 15-Second Test
Shows If Your Survival
Food Could Kill You
Discover the deadly secrets the industry's biggest
players don't want you to know… and the exact steps
you must take to protect yourself.
If you’ve purchased survival food, or plan to… consider this shocking report mandatory reading:

Imagine this…

A natural disaster has destroyed your town.
“Last week whilst taking my mother to France for Xmas (We are still here) she accidentally locked and padlocked her case with the keys inside. Anyway I had a go and remembering a video of yours I watched… I tensioned the lock, raked the pins and then jiggled them. "Snick". The lock came open. And my mother was VERY happy! Thank you for your help and for making my Mum, not only happy but a little bit proud of me too!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Michael Robary, London, England  
You and your family have been forced to flee your home with nothing but your 72-hour “Bug Out Bags.”

Thankfully, you’re each carrying food for three days –or so you think.

When you tear open a pouch of survival food, you gag as a rancid smell hits you in the face…
You pray it’s just one bad pouch…

But, reality hits home as one by one, your entire family finds their survival food has suffered the same fate.

Everything’s spoiled, discolored, and rancid.

All eyes are on you, silently pleading for some explanation, some hope, some shred of reassurance that everything will be okay.

You’re stunned… You thought you were prepared…

You spent hundreds of dollars on food from some of the big food companies and stored it exactly as recommended.

That was three years ago, and it’s supposed to be good for 25 years.

So, what happened?

The truth you’re about to learn will likely shock and anger you, but it could also save your life.

Put simply, your food has fallen victim to...
The 3 Food Assassins That Turn Most Survival
Meals Into Rancid, Bug Infested Slop...
From the moment it’s packaged, your survival food is under attack from three deadly “food assassins.”

And if you think most long-term survival food is protected against these killers…
Think again.

The majority of survival food companies fail to protect their foods from the withering onslaught of these three assassins.

Ignore their 25-year shelf-life claims…

Most of that stuff will be garbage in 3 to 5 years because of the way it’s prepared and packaged.

That’s why it’s so crucial you learn how to avoid these threats now, when you can still do something about it.
The fact is, the job of defending against the “food assassins” lies on the shoulders of the manufacturer - it’s the core of what you’re paying them for.

And as you’ll see in a moment, many of these companies have failed you miserably…However, I’ll show you the exact steps you can take to protect yourself.

What’s more, if you currently own survival food, I’ll show you how to test your food – in under 15 seconds – to see if it’s quality food or food that might get you killed.

Let’s get started…
The First Food Assassin is Light
According to Dr. Robert Gravani of Cornell University, light is terrible for your food.

It deteriorates the pigments, fats, and proteins through a process called photo-degradation.
When this happens, your food loses vitamins, becomes discolored, tastes terrible and starts to spoil.

In fact, I’m sure you’ve left food out in the sun during a picnic or while at the beach and you’ve seen how quickly it turns nasty.

Bottom line: If light can get to your food, you’re in trouble.

Shockingly, most survival food pouches are made from a flimsy material called Mylar that allows light to come in and attack your food.
To see if your survival food is quality or will likely go rancid in 3-5 years you can do the Flashlight Test that just takes less than 15-seconds to do. (See the video below.)

Just hold up a pouch of food and shine a flashlight on one side of the pouch.

If you can see light coming through on the other side, it means light is getting into the pouch and your food is vulnerable to photo-degradation.

Here’s me doing the Flashlight Test with two of the biggest survival food companies. (On the advice of a friend who’s an attorney, I did cover up their logos with white paper.)

Most survival food companies use Mylar because it’s cheap, but you can see that it offers scant protection.

You might say many survival food companies are like the pharmaceutical industry --they only care about profits -- cheaper material costs mean bigger profit margins for them.

But it could mean death for you…

The Second Food Assassin is Oxygen
(Here’s What the Army Says)

The air we normally breathe is 20.95% oxygen, which is perfect for us humans.

But oxygen levels inside your food’s packaging should never get higher than 2%.

In fact, the United States Army Natick Laboratories (the place where the Army researches and develops food and gear) said this in one of their manuals…
This low level of oxygen helps prevent your food from spoiling, helps retain its flavor, keeps the oils from going bad, and preserves vitamins and nutrients.

Here’s something else you might not realize:

A lot of food – especially survival food – can get microbes and tiny bug eggs in it, which need oxygen to survive.

As long as the oxygen levels in your food’s packaging stay low, these bugs can’t hatch or grow and you’ve got nothing to worry about.

But here’s the problem:

The cheap Mylar pouches most companies use are permeable, which means they let air creep in. (Remember, the Flashlight Test proved how cheap the packaging is.)

Over time, oxygen levels in these pouches can skyrocket to 18-21%, which creates the perfect breeding ground for microbes and bugs to hatch and grow.
Companies that use Mylar (and Mylar alternatives) for their pouches will tell you they’ve solved the oxygen level problem in their pouches by adding what’s called an “oxygen absorber” to each pouch.

You’ve probably seen these before – they’re little packets placed in food packages that soak up oxygen.

And they work…

But not the way these companies would have you believe…

The Truth About Oxygen Absorbers

According to manufacturers of these absorbers, they’re designed and sold to eliminate a pre-determined amount of oxygen in a package.

Once that limit is reached, they’re saturated and useless.

Using a survival food pouch as an example, the absorber is designed to reduce the amount of oxygen that remains in the pouch after it’s filled to below 2%.

The absorber is designed to remove that pre-determined amount and then it’s saturated and stops working.

Which would be okay if no more oxygen entered the scene...

But as you already know, cheap Mylar pouches are permeable, meaning they continue to let oxygen into the pouch.

And the absorber is completely useless against this air streaming into the pouch.

So, it’s not long before the oxygen levels in the pouch could shoot as high as 20%, and the bugs start to wriggle out of their eggs and feast on your food.

And if that wasn’t bad enough…

The seams on these pouches are sealed around the same time they’re filled with food…

If airborne powder or food bits settle on the edges, the pouch won’t seal correctly (a common problem when they’re cranking out thousands of pouches as fast as possible)… and the seams can fail outright.
Let me prove it to you with another test that takes less than 15-seconds to do…
The Durability Test

A simple way to see the weak seams on these flimsy pouches is to do the “Durability Test.”

The fact is, if your survival food fails this test it could go rancid after just a few years.

Here’s how to do the Durability Test:

Tear the top off your pouch and empty it. Grab each side of the pouch and try to pull it apart.

You’ll find that you can easily shred the cheap pouches.

It’s alarming how fast they come apart and it’s no wonder the food spoils in these cheap pouches.

The truth is, if you tried the test with a good pouch, it would be very difficult to tear apart.

Here’s a video I made demonstrating the “Durability Test”…

And in case you’re wondering about the buckets these pouches typically come in…

Most are not airtight, and the plastic they’re made of is permeable too.

In fact, I had my researcher call one of the major manufacturers about these buckets and here’s the email he sent me…
“This data seems (I'm not a scientist) to back up that these materials are indeed permeable - especially after long periods of time like 5, 10, and 25 years.

In fact, in conversations, NO ONE was willing to say that their product was NOT air, light and water vapor permeable for anything over 3 years.”

There’s more…
The Third Food Assassin is Water

The same tiny holes that let air into the Mylar pouches also let in water through a process called water-vapor transfer.
It simply means dissolved water in the air slips into the pouch and bunches together creating a build-up of moisture inside.

This build-up of water creates all kinds of problems…

Powdered food becomes wet, clumpy and rancid… dehydrated food starts to rehydrate and spoil… freeze-dried food gets moist and rots… and microbes and bacteria infest the pouch.

Your survival meal can become a deadly little ecosystem of bugs, bacteria and nasty food.
This is why you never want to get survival food in pouches that don’t pass the Flashlight Test or the Durability Test.

But now that you know the Three Food Assassins…

You might be wondering just who the heck I am, why I’m telling you all of this, and what you can do about it…
How I Protect My Family

My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and the New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

In fact, here’s one of the awards I received from the Agency…
I’m the owner of Spy Escape & Evasion, where I teach “spy strategies and tactics” for escape and evasion, armed and unarmed self-defense, evasive driving,and survival skills (for when things get ugly).

When it comes to survival food, I’ve probably eaten more survival food and done more research than most people will do in a lifetime.
I’ve eaten survival food in the Boy Scouts (I’m an Eagle Scout, Troop 826, Oakton, Virginia)…

I ate survival food when I was with the CIA… and I’ve eaten plenty of it while now running my private company.

And when I started having kids (I’ve got 3 now) I really wanted to make sure I had the best food possible to help my family survive any type of crisis.

So, I bought survival food from the top companies and let it sit for a few years, then cracked it open to see how it held up.  

The results were horrifying…

While most of the foods claimed a long shelf life, many pouches I opened were absolutely rotten.

Some smelled too awful to try, others were clearly spoiled, and I knew my health would be at risk if I attempted to eat it so I had to throw it away.

At that point, I decided to take matters into my own hands…

My family’s health and survival is too important to leave to food companies who only care about profits and make cheap pouches that don’t pass the Flashlight and Durability Tests.

So, I sought out top experts in the field to help guide me to the best solution for my family’s needs.

Eventually, I found a leading survival food expert in Northern Utah.

And I approached him about having my own personal survival food made for my family…

The Survival Food Expert
U.S. Special Forces Rely On

I’d love to tell you his name, but he prefers to stay under the radar, and I promised not to reveal his identity.

Let’s just refer to him as “John.”
Suffice it to say this guy’s so good he’s in constant demand by those who must have the best survival food possible.

In fact, their very lives depend on it on a daily basis.

You see, John is the “go to guy” for the U.S Special Forces, like the Navy SEALs, when it comes to survival food.
He told me one of his proudest moments was when the person in charge of food for the Navy SEALs called him and said they’d checked out other survival food companies and discovered he was the best.

Bottom line: John knows his stuff.

And with his help and knowledge we created…

Survival Food So Good I'm Betting
My Family's Life On It

Initially, we were only going to make enough food for my family and a few close friends.

But after wading through all the garbage food and half-baked products being pushed on the public…

I knew I had to get the word out about what’s really going on.

And what better way to demonstrate the problems with the industry than by showing you what real, quality survival food and packaging looks like.

Food that can easily pass the Flashlight and Durability Tests. (I’ll show you the videos in a moment.)

So, John and I decided to make a little extra survival food, packed in the same pouches, with the same rigid specs and quality ingredients we made for my family.

But this food is not for sale for the following reasons…
  •       1.  We have a limited number of meals in stock. Many of the complete 72-hour meal kits are already spoken for.
  •       2.  There’s enough “survival food scams” going on that I don’t want you to buy anything from me.
Instead, I want to prove to you what quality survival food is and what you should have in your own home by offering you…
A FREE Sample of the Top-Quality Survival
 Food I Use for My Own Family

I’m going to send you one meal of this high-quality survival food for FREE.

Let me quickly tell you a little bit about the quality pouch and food you have the opportunity to try…

  • Meal cooks right in the pouch…the internal foil pouch can be heated up to 210 degrees, which means you simply pour hot water into your pouch and it cooks your meal. It's fast and easy.
  • High-strength food pouches produced in an ISO 9001 Certified Plant… Each pouch of food is the same high quality and durability to ensure each meal is fresh and ready even after years of storage. I encourage you to do the Flashlight and Durability Tests on our pouches.
In fact, here I am testing the pouches…
  • Made in America… Produced in Utah, using high-end, locally sourced Ingredients for quality control. You'll enjoy delicious, flavorful meals and ingredients.
  • Each pouch is made with heavy-duty premium film structure (5 mil thick) so it’s ultra-strong… This sturdy pouch is made of two different layers: PET12, PE100, which are BPA free and FDA approved for food. You can load it in your 72-hour pack with all your gear and be confident that it’s protected from tearing or puncturing.
  • Internal foil pouch protects against light, oxygen and water vapor...The internal foil pouch – protected from damage by the dual layers of sturdy film – prevents light, oxygen and water vapor from getting to your food. Your food will last for years in storage and be fresh when you need it. No spoiling, no funky taste, no bug infested slop.
  • Pouches filled in a sterile plant… No food bits or powders or obstructions resulting from a dirty facility or machinery. The factory is meticulously cleaned and primed to create the best environment for producing long-term storage food of the highest quality in each pouch - not just pounding out pouches as fast as possible like other companies. 
  • Each meal is individually poured... Every meal has the proper blend of ingredients and the right portion to provide you with the vital calories and nutrients you need in an emergency situation.
  • Oxygen absorber in each pouch...Oxygen absorbers are placed in each pouch to keep the oxygen level under 2% and guard against spoilage. Air, light and oxygen are prevented from getting inside, which means the absorbers actually work to keep your food fresh and tasty for when you need it.
  • Each pouch is put through the heat-sealing process individually…Pouches are placed in a sealer one-by-one to ensure there are no food bits near the top of the pouch that would cause a void in the seal. Then each pouch is heat sealed to lock in freshness and keep air, water and light out.
  • Rounded corners…Rounded design, and absence of sharp edges keep your pouch from snagging or bending and weakening at the corners and tearing… keeping your pouch and food intact.
  • Deep Tear Notches…Deep tear notches built into the pouch make it easier to open during emergencies. You'll be able to quickly open your food pouch without having to fumble around and struggle or resort to a knife or scissors. It's perfect for kids, older folks and if you're weakened or injured.
  • Built-in premium zip lock closure… Convenient, premium zip lock lets you re-close your pouch if you're full, or need to stop eating and move on for some reason. You won't waste food or have to worry about it spilling in your pack when you're on the go.
As you can see, every detail was painstakingly taken into account.

I firmly believe you’re going to be blown away by the quality, strength, freshness and taste of your survival meal when you get it.

Below is a list of the meals that have been prepared. I’ll pick one of the meals from this list and send it to you based on availability.

Pasta Parmigiana
Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Vegetable Rice Casserole
Cheesy Potato Chowder
Pasta Primavera
Mozzatalia Soup
Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal
Honey Maple 6 Grain Cereal
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Best of all, not only am I going to send you a free meal…

I’m also going to give you a free special report called:

Grid Down Food Storage Secrets: The $5 a Week Food Storage Plan So You Survive an Economic Collapse or Attack on the Power Grid.

In this report, I reveal how I personally built up a year’s supply of food storage for my own family… the three best types of food to store… where and how I store my food… the simple methods I use for cooking (and the way you never want to cook your food)… the #1 place to get long-term food storage (this is a little-known secret most people don’t have a clue about)… and much, much more.

Normally, this special report is $19.95 but I’m giving it to you for free.

Best of all, so you can start immediately with this food storage plan, I’m going to give you instant online access to this report.

To get your special report and meal, all I ask is that you cover a small shipping charge of $4.95 to send your free survival food pouch. This covers the postage, otherwise, I would never be able to make you this offer.

I think $4.95 is a dirt-cheap investment to see what quality survival food is - The kind you can trust your life with. Plus, you’re getting the Grid Down Food Storage Secrets report- for FREE.

Now, I must warn you, this is a limited offer. We only produced a small number of meals to give away.

Just know, once they’re gone, they’re gone, and I reserve the right to shut down this website at any time.

So, if you’re interested in getting your free meal and free special report, click the yellow button below right now…

When you click the button, you’ll be taken to a secure page where you can review your free food order.

Once I receive your order, I’ll process it, pick your meal, and quickly get it in the mail to you.

Just don’t delay…

These meals are first come, first served… so get yours now while you can because these meals are not available anywhere else on the planet.

Stay Safe,

Jason Hanson