Former CIA Officer and Shark Tank Winner Reveals...
How to Feel Like James Bond
While Learning Spy Secrets That
Can Save Your Life
Discover closely guarded safety and survival
techniques of real-life spies.
Dear Friend,

Hi. My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and a Security Specialist.

In fact, here’s one of the awards I received while with the Agency.
I’m the author of the New York Times bestseller, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.
I was also blessed to appear on the hit ABC TV show “Shark Tank,” where I pitched my business to the multimillionaire panel.
During the show I shared some of my secrets… like how to escape being tied up… with a few of the sharks.
But you know what?

There’s a lot of information I didn’t have time to tell the Sharks… about how to protect yourself and your family in an increasingly dangerous world.

And that’s why I put together this presentation.

Since I left the Agency, I’ve made it my life’s mission to help good, honest Americans learn critical survival tactics that can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or a member of your family.

For example…

I can show you how to escape duct tape and handcuffs in 30 seconds or less…

I can show you a simple trick that lets you know if someone is following you as you’re driving home…

I can show you a small device that can be carried virtually anywhere and helps you avoid becoming the victim of a violent crime.

I can even show you how to completely disappear when someone dangerous is after you… even if you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong.

Perhaps you don’t think you need to know these secrets, techniques, and skills…

But, let me tell you… even if you’ve lived like a perfect saint… even if you’ve never been involved in a lawsuit, divorce, or even just an argument…

Even if you don’t have any assets or resources that you think others might want to take from you, you can still find yourself in hundreds of situations where my proven techniques can literally save you or someone you love.

For instance…

One gentleman I’ve trained is named Gary Prince.

Due to his job, Gary travels around the world 11 months a year. Gary’s an executive who minds his own business and has never gone looking for trouble.

But guess what? The security measures I showed him have helped him survive two mugging attempts in China.
Amy Lancaster is a young woman who lives in Fairfax, Virginia.

Like many people, Amy loves to go running on the trail near her home.

One day while she was running, Amy realized a man was following her. Using a trick I showed her, Amy was able to get away from this man and even scare the heck out of him.
And, Heidi Wallace, a petite blond who lives in Sarasota, FL, was able to escape two men who tried to carjack her at a gas station thanks to the skills I taught her.
What If You Too Found Yourself In a Dangerous Situation Where Someone Was Trying to Attack or Kidnap You?
You might not think it can happen to you (and hopefully it never will)… but perfectly innocent people across the country find themselves in dangerous situations every single day.

For example…

A guy I used to work with ran a successful little business. But a disgruntled customer literally threatened to kill him and sent terrible letters to his office on a regular basis.

Another fellow I know, who lives in Texas, was the target of a violent home invasion. He ended up getting in a shootout with the burglar and thankfully he survived.

A woman I helped out was stalked by an ex-boyfriend for months. She was terrified to even leave her home and almost lost her job because of the guy.

My point is, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, there’s a chance my safety and survival training could save your life one day.

After all, are other people jealous of your success, your wife, your children, or anything else in your life?

Have you ever been in a car accident?

Have you ever had a heated argument with a co-worker?

Have you ever had to fire someone or turn someone down after a job interview?

The bottom line is, if you’ve ever found yourself in any of these situations or happen to find yourself in them in the future, you’re in luck, because you now have the rare opportunity to learn little-known spy secrets, including…
-How to become a human lie detector including the single most important technique that shows if someone is trying to deceive you. (In fact, this is the 30-test I use during job interviews before I hire any new employees.)
-Lifesaving tactics taught to government operatives and Navy SEALs for escaping zip ties, duct tape, rope, even handcuffs in 30 seconds or less… without having to use a knife or sharp object.
-A step-by-step guide anyone can use to hotwire a car even if you have zero mechanical knowledge. (But before you attempt this, you must know one crucial key to choosing the right car.)
-The simple 3-step process for disappearing without a trace. (You’ll discover how to start over from scratch, live completely “off the grid” so nobody will ever be able to find you again.)
-23 items you must put in your escape & evasion kit (and the one mistake you must avoid when putting together this kit that could cost you your life).
-Lock picking secrets that will allow you to quickly defeat doors and padlocks. (I can teach you how to do this in less than 10 minutes and you’ll have the ability to open approximately 75% of front doors in America.).
-Top intelligence agencies around the world all get what they want using something called “SE Intelligence.” It’s 100% free, only takes minutes to do, and anyone can use it – from a teenager to grandma. But a firm WARNING: This is a powerful secret you don’t want to share with your enemies.
-The #1 way to create an improvised weapon if you don’t have any other way to protect yourself during an emergency situation. (This is definitely not what you think, costs less than $2, and can be instantly lethal.)
-Home Defense secrets based on CIA safe houses, including the simple home defense plan that allows you to stop an intruder in 7 seconds or less.
And much, much more… In the special training I’ve created called...
Spy Escape & Evasion
As I mentioned, Spy Escape & Evasion has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, but also on the NBC TODAY Show, Fox & Friends, Dateline, and Rachael Ray, to name a few.
(With Shark Tank star, Daymond John)
(With Lester Holt of the NBC TODAY Show)
(With Rachael Ray)
Since 2010 (the year I left the CIA), thousands of Americans have attended Spy Escape & Evasion and I’ve traveled all over the country – from Los Angeles to DC to Chicago to Dallas – teaching it.
And the fact is, although Spy Escape & Evasion reveals safety and survival secrets 99% of Americans will never know or have access to…

And although you’ll learn fun and exciting skills that will no doubt make you more interesting at the next party you attend…

The information I’m going to reveal is certainly not for everyone.

But let me quickly pull back the curtain on what I’m going to share with you…
How to Vanish Without a Trace
One of the skills I cover during Spy Escape & Evasion is how to disappear.

The fact is, the world is getting stranger and more unpredictable each day.

You never know when you’ll suddenly have a crazy ex-spouse you need to get away from… Or a co-worker or employee who turns into a stalker… Or maybe you just want to disappear and start a brand new life somewhere else.

Well… After this event, you’ll know…
  • The two most important items you need when planning to disappear. I’ll show you how to get your hands on these items and I’ll even bring them with me and show you how to use them.
  • How to use a “break phone” to ensure you stay several steps ahead of your pursuers. (The secret of the break phone is one of the highest-level security measures you’ll ever hear about.)
  • The 3-step process that must be followed if you want to remain off the grid for good… Even out of the reach of the government.
  • How to create decoys to throw people off your tracks so they eventually give up trying to locate you.
You’ll see how to easily set up a secret email account that vanishes after just one hour.
  • You’ll uncover the simple method of making untraceable phone calls
  • And how to find a “safe house” to use until it’s time to make your next move. (This won’t cost you any money and will keep you safe, warm, and out of sight.)
The fact is, by the time I’m done showing you how to disappear you’ll know how to vanish from the grid so effectively that NOBODY will be able to find you.

Here’s what one woman told me about how valuable this information can be…

"I can't thank you enough for not only offering this invaluable course but doing a fantastic job of teaching it. I left feeling empowered, which is something I have not felt for some time. I was stalked for 5 months by someone I briefly dated. This information and the techniques gave me back my confidence. Thank you again so much..."

~Michelle Whitehead, San Diego, CA

And that’s just the beginning of Spy Escape & Evasion…
How to Become an Escape Artist
Recently, I was reading an article in the Washington Post about an alleged CIA abduction of an Egyptian cleric. Here’s a brief part of the article…

"A small car purred alongside him. Then a big white van… Moments later, two men burst out of the van. Omar, a hefty man, then about 40, was forced into the back. His mouth was taped shut. His feet and hands were bound."

According to the rest of the article, things didn’t turn out very well for Omar.

And I’d be willing to bet, if the average American suddenly had their hands and feet bound, things probably wouldn’t turn out very well for them either.

Now maybe you think this will never happen to you. And odds are, you’re right.

But did you know there are kidnappings every day in major cities across the U.S. In fact, last year, Phoenix, Arizona averaged more than a kidnapping a day.

And of course, often, people get tied up during home invasions.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 1 out of every 5 homes will be the victim of a break-in or home invasion.

And get this: 38% of violent assaults and 60% of rapes occur during a home invasion.

The fact is, you’re truly rolling the dice if you don’t know how to properly protect yourself in today’s world.

The good news is, after Spy Escape & Evasion you’ll be far from an average American because I’m going to show you how to quickly escape from multiple types of restraints… without having to use a knife, razor, or any sharp objects at all.

For instance, I’m going to show you the two ways of defeating duct tape in 5 seconds or less.

So, heaven forbid, a home intruder ever restrains you with duct tape while they ransack your house, you’ll be able to quickly escape and flee to safety.

In fact, look what one woman said after getting this training…

"I had an amazing time... It was an experience I will never forget. And breaking out of duct tape was empowering. I'll never be intimidated by duct tape again. Thank you so much for sharing such powerful information."

~Molly Buyak, Tallahassee, FL

In addition, I’m also going to share with you how to easily defeat the plastic zip ties that are not only used by police, but also criminals.
You’ll be amazed at the two ways you can quickly escape zip ties even when they’re cinched tight and you think you haven’t got a chance of getting out of them.

Next, I’m also going to show you how to escape from another favorite restraint of criminals: Rope.

There’s a trick to escaping rope that less than 1 in 10,000 people are aware of and you’ll be able to use it to get out of rope in no time.

Of course, I’m also going to share with you the secret of escaping handcuffs.

As the world becomes more dangerous, you never know when the ability to escape a pair of handcuffs could save your freedom and your life.

And once you’ve conquered these escape skills, I’m going to share with you…
How to Become a Human Lie Detector
What if…
  • You could sit in an important business negotiation and know if the other guy is lying?
  • You could ask your spouse less than 5 questions and know if they’re telling you the truth or not?
  • You escaped from captivity in a foreign country, and your ability to “read” the locals meant the difference between life and death?
Well, during Spy Escape & Evasion you’ll learn body language secrets usually reserved for the CIA and FBI, including…
  • The part of the body that most often reveals when a person is lying. (It’s definitely not the face and I’ll show you where you should be looking instead.)
  • The secret used by Customs Agents to tell if a person going through the airport has something to hide.
  • Why the “freeze” is probably the most critical clue of all that someone is trying to deceive you.
  • What you should never, ever do with your hands if you happen to be the one telling a lie.
  • How a person’s eyes reveal when they’re lying. (It’s definitely not what you think, and I’ll tell you how this almost got me in trouble when dealing with Customs while traveling to Europe.)
  • How books, coffee mugs, and pencils can be used to expose a liar.
  • What a liar will almost never do when you’re questioning them. (This is a great trick to use if your spouse happens be the one you’re confronting.)
  • How a simple head nod can reveal a liar in 30 seconds or less.
The bottom line is, after I reveal these secrets you’ll never look at another conversation the same way again.

You’ll be able to quickly pick up on other people’s “tells” and you’ll know whom you can trust and whom you can’t trust.
In fact, the next time someone tells you, “I’m sorry I’m late, there was bad traffic”… or “I’d love to go out again”… or “no dear, I didn’t spend any money today,” you’ll be able to quickly tell if they’re telling you the truth.

This is truly invaluable information that will give you a leg up in all areas of your life.

And there’s still a lot more I’m going to reveal during Spy Escape & Evasion…
How to Detect and Evade Surveillance
From the counter surveillance work I did while at the Agency, I can tell you that the people, cars, and vehicles around you may not be what they appear.
Someone could be following you to work every day… They could know the exact stops you make to and from work… And the exact time you pull into the driveway each night.

I realize, you may be thinking “not me,” and may believe that nobody would have any reason to run surveillance on you, right?

Well, maybe not today (and hopefully never)…

But kidnappings and robberies happen every day in almost every city in the U.S… And you don’t want to end up the victim of some low-life criminal because you didn’t know they were following you.

That’s why I’m going to share with you surveillance and counter surveillance secrets that will keep you from falling into the wrong hands in the first place.

For instance, we’ll cover how to quickly set up a surveillance detection route so you can determine if someone is following you when you’re headed to work in the morning or when you’re going home at night.

I’ll reveal the secret of how to determine if you’re ever being followed on foot. It’s called the “pause” and it will quickly expose anyone trying to watch you.

You’ll learn the “eye” secret that’s a dead giveaway if someone is trying to run surveillance on you or if they’re about to do something sinister to you.
In fact, not too long ago, the “eye” secret kept my wife and I from getting robbed.
You see, my wife is an attorney and went to law school in Baltimore City, Maryland.

If you’ve never visited Baltimore City it’s not a very safe place, to say the least. In fact, according to the FBI it’s one of the top five most dangerous cities in America.
One day after class, my wife and I were walking through the city and I quickly determined we were being followed thanks to the “eye” secret.

At the moment we were about to be robbed I used a technique I’m going to share with you that caused the would-be robber to quickly flee in the other direction.

My point of telling you this story is that surveillance detection skills aren’t solely for spies and people traveling overseas… but for anyone who wants to keep themselves and their family safer on a daily basis.

And that’s why you’ll likely enter this event as a “soft” target, but by the time you learn these surveillance secrets you’ll leave as a “hard” target, which is exactly what you want to be.

And there’s still more I’m going to share with you during Spy Escape & Evasion, including…
The Secret of Picking Locks
  • You’ll learn how to quickly defeat the most common locks on the market in just second.
  • I’ll reveal the two simple tools you need to pick locks and how you can make these out of everyday household items.
  • You’ll get the chance to pick several locks yourself, including, the types of locks that are found on 75% of houses in this country.
How to Build Your Own Escape & Evasion Kit
  • You’ll learn how to build a waterproof and airtight kit to aid you in an emergency.
  • I’ll reveal the critical items I have in my personal kit, including the vital disguise pieces.
  • I’ll show you the best places to hide this kit so nobody will be able to find it but you.
  • I’ll even give you the blueprint for my kit so you can build it in one evening on your own.
And finally, during Spy Escape & Evasion I’ll share with you…
Firearms Secrets That Could Save Your Life
  • I’ll reveal what I believe is the “Ultimate Spy Gun,” which is the gun I personally carry on a daily basis.
  • I’ll cover several other firearms, including the rifle and shotgun that make up my self-defense arsenal.
  • I’ll tell you exactly what to say to police when you get pulled over and you happen to be carrying a gun at the time.
  • I’ll reveal my firearms storage secrets so you can have access to a gun almost anytime you need it.
  • I’ll show you the special rifle that hides in one of my survival kits, which can be deployed in seconds.
I could go on, but I don’t want to reveal everything I’m going to share with you during Spy Escape & Evasion.
But I will share this with you:
Words cannot do justice to what you’ll feel after this event and how you’ll be drastically better prepared to survive almost any situation you encounter…

Plus, you’ll join the elite few who have this rare and specialized knowledge that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

If you don’t believe me, just look at these experiences from past attendees…

"I can't speak more highly of the material or the instructor. Don'y let the title of the course fool you... most of the scenarios Jason presents are directly relatable to the average person. What I learned may very well save my life one day."

~Marshall Waterbury, Front Royal, VA

"I was hoping to send you a quick note saying how much I appreciated your class last Saturday in San Diego. The information that you shared was invaluable, and the experience unforgettable."

~Tabitha Tricarico, San Diego, CA

"I learned many extremely valuable Life Skills that I have already passed on to my wife and daughter. Jason helped me to realize how many simple things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones. I have already started recommending this course to friends at work."

~Sean Morley, Jacksonville, FL

"The information taught in this class was invaluable! I really appreciated his stories and examples of how the skills and lessons he shared could be used in everyday life. I highly recommend this class to everyone."

~Annie Boiston, Fairfax Station, VA

"You don't need to be an agent to find these skills relevant to your life. You just have to be someone who is concerned with your safety and aware of your surroundings. Overall, the course was a remarkable experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity of attending it."

~Cristina Columbi, Riverside, CA

"I really enjoyed the Spy Escape & Evasion course. My wife had purchased this course for me for my birthday. It is the best birthday present ever. Going into the course I had no idea how much fun and exciting it was going to be."

~Chris Truden, Richmond, VA

What Should You Do Right Now If You Want to Experience Spy Escape & Evasion?
Well, first, let me share with you the investment to attend.

I was told the Agency spent more than $75,000 on my Top Secret security clearance and another six-figures in all the training they put me through, including the weeks I spent training at Top Secret facilities.

In the past, the only way to receive this training was to be accepted as one of my private consulting clients, which consists of a year-long contract and the fees begin at tens of thousands of dollars.

I realize that may sound like a lot of money, but this type of highly specialized knowledge doesn’t come cheap.

Clients who’ve paid me thousands of dollars for this type of information (starting at $10,000 for a single day) would tell you it’s worth every penny.

(You’d instantly recognize names, but I’m barred from sharing them because of confidentiality agreements.)

But instead of paying $10,000 or more…

Normally, the investment to attend this two-day Spy Escape & Evasion training is only $1,250 per day or $2,500 total. Quite frankly, for this high level of training that price is more than reasonable, to say the least.

After all, should the need ever arise for you to disappear or to escape a deadly situation, I imagine you’ll say it’s the best $2,500 you ever spent, as your life is worth far more.

And it’s not just me saying this. Here’s what a few attendees say about their investment in this training…

"Jason packs so much into his lecture that the class paid for itself in the first 15 minutes. The subject matter was so useful and interesting, I couldn't take notes fast enough. Great information, well delivered!"

~Phil Parker, New Orleans, LA

"Jason Hanson's two-day Spy Escape and Evasion course is as entertaining as it is practical. Well worth the investment of time and money... I might add, the most valuable lesson of the weekend is finding out how to avoid becoming a victim in the first place."

~Chip Dalson, Miami, FL

"Personally, I thought the class was terrific. I would never have learned all these 'tricks of the trade' without taking your course. I definitely got my money's worth (even at 4.5 hours one-way drive-time), and would absolutely take another one of your courses."

~Scott Lantossa, Raleigh, NC

"This class was exactly what I expected, exactly what was advertised, and exactly what we wanted and needed. Truly you know Brian and I very much enjoyed the class - it was a good value for our dollar. Thank you for the experience."

~Bill Brixey, Baltimore, MD

"Jason's Spy Escape and Evasion course was an amazing experience for me. Jason covers everything mentioned on his website along with exercises to practice what you learned. Each topic alone was worth the price of the entire class. There is no substitute for being taught by Jason and being able to interact with him directly."

~Kevin Journell, San Antonio, TX

But again, I realize $2,500 is still a large amount of money.

In fact, the last time I held this course in Las Vegas, NV, I had people travel from all over the country… Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California, to name a few.

And one fellow told me it was going to cost him well over $3,500 including airfare, hotels, and meals.

That gentleman was able to attend, but many others couldn’t, and they sent me these emails below…

"Jason, I am unable to attend and would like to recommend the possibility of recording highlights of the course on DVDs for purchase by people like me. Thank you for considering the possibility."

~Derrick Dowling, Orlando, FL

"Holy cow, that is one seriously badas$ class! I would love to know how to literally escape a dangerous situation. I have no funds for a Vegas trip..."

~Amy Kemper, Boston, MA

"Could you use a pro video service and record this one for sale later to us that can't get there?"

~Tim Clark, Cleveland, OH

After getting many more emails like these, I decided to hire a professional video company to film a recent Spy Escape & Evasion event.

In other words, you now have the opportunity to get the highly sought after Spy Escape & Evasion training… Without having to travel and without spending thousands of dollars.

The filmed training is instantly available through online digital access and includes...
The 3 Tiers of Survival Gear: The list of items you need to increase your chances of surviving a crisis.
What To Do If You’re Kidnapped: Why the first 24-hours are critical and the steps you need to take to stay alive.
How to Hotwire a Car: Which cars are the easiest to hotwire and a step-by-step guide on everything you need to know to gain access to a car in an emergency situation.
Social Engineering Secrets: How intelligences agencies around the world convince people to Spy against their country.
And several more online digital-delivered modules...
  • The Mafia Story and Why We Prepare
  • The Secret of Situational Awareness
  • Everyday Carry Gear and the Critical Items to Carry With You At All Times
  • Why The Tactical Pen is The Most Valuable Self-Defense Tool
  • The Gear You Should Carry in Your Laptop Bag
  • Vehicle Survival Gear
  • How to Easily Build and Hide a Cache of Supplies
  • The Secret of Intelligence Gathering
  • The Black Market
  • What To Do When a Crisis Occurs
  • What To Do If You’re Kidnapped
  • How to Escape Duct Tape
  • How to Escape Rope
  • How to Escape Zip Ties
  • How to Escape Handcuffs
  • How to Disappear Without a Trace
  • What You Need to Know About Fake ID’s
  • Social Engineering Secrets of Spies
  • How to Use a Disguise
  • Surveillance and Counter-surveillance
  • How to Become a Human Lie Detector
  • How to Pick Locks
  • How to Hotwire a Car
  • Hotel Safety
  • Taxi Safety
  • Airplane Safety
  • Food and Water Storage Tips and Techniques
  • Your Personal Threat Assessment
  • Carjacking Countermeasures
  • How to Protect Your Privacy and Identity
  • How to Surf the Internet Anonymously
  • How to Hide Cash
The investment for this online training isn’t anywhere close to $2,500. In fact, it’s a fraction of this amount. 

You see, you'll get instant online digital access (no DVDs will be shipped to you) so you get this as quickly as possible at the lowest price possible. 

In fact, this isn't even $297... the price I normally charge. 

Today, it's well over HALF-OFF... only $27, an incredibly low price so you and your family can be safer.

PLUS! You’re Getting TWO BONUSES
For Taking Action Today 
Every minute you wait could be a minute too late. 

The truth is - our society NEEDS more people to take action and stand up against all of the kidnappers, the abusers, the criminals, and all of the evil people in this world who pose 
a threat to our current way of life.

It could be possible that your spouse, your family, your friends, and all of the people
in your life need you to take action so that you to be as prepared as you possibly can 
be to keep yourself safe and protected. 

Not to mention, taking action when you know you need to takes courage and strength. 

Therefore, I want to reward your decision to take action, by giving you two BONUS survival trainings that you can enjoy INSTANTLY as soon as you get access to these spy videos today: 
Bonus #1: 2-Second Survival Training ($99 Value)
When you decide to invest in this spy video training, you’ll also get instant access to my 2-Second Survival Training that shows you what to do in the first 2 seconds of your life being threatened. 

Most people freeze when a gun is put to their head, or when they are approached in the street, and in this course - I'm going to walk you through a handful for self-defense secrets you can use to defend yourself in the critical first two seconds of an encounter.
Bonus #2: 2-Second Knife Defense ($199 Value)
The thing is, most people don’t know the crucial knife fighting tactics that will allow them to quickly end any attack while staying alive. 

That’s why I’m giving you my 2-Second Knife Defense training that shows you how to choose what knife to carry, how to survive a close quarters knife fight, and the best practices for using a knife against an attacker.
These trainings together are worth 3X the price of the Spy Videos, but today they are 
yours FREE to access instantly.


Oh, and one more thing...

As part of this training, I’m going to give you... for free... an incredible self-defense video that shows you how to use a unique tool to instantly stop an attacker even if he’s twice your size and high on drugs.

This tool isn’t a knife, gun, pepper spray, taser, or anything else you might be thinking of. And, you can’t buy it at any retail store or even on Amazon.

However, I’ll show you where to get this tool and how to use it to stop a criminal who tries to choke you, punch you, attack you from behind, or worse.

In short, after you watch this special video, you’ll have the confidence to defend yourself and your loved ones from a potentially devastating attack.

Normally, this self-defense video costs $97 but I’m going to include it for FREE in your Spy Escape & Evasion training package.

Just keep in mind, the Spy Escape & Evasion video package won’t be around forever and I reserve the right to remove this page at any moment.
Click on the Yellow Button Below to Get
Instant Online Access to Spy Escape & Evasion
What is all boils down to is this...

You can either miss out on these Spy secrets that could save your life one day…

Or… You can take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity and get this life-altering Spy Escape & Evasion training.
Stay safe,
Jason Hanson

P.S. Here’s what a few others have said about Spy Escape & Evasion…

"There is no doubt this class will open your eyes and make you feel more confident than you are right now! I highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to know how he can protect himself and his family in this unpredictable world!"

~Kelly Katner, Radford, VA

"I wanted to tell you that I had an amazing time in the course, and while I'm sure you've heard this before, you are a fantastic teacher. Thank you for all the time and effort you have clearly put in to making this course a truly amazing experience."

~Josh Franklin, Flagstaff, AZ

"Taking the Spy Escape & Evasion course was one of the best decisions I've made. As a college student... I highly recommend taking this for your own safety, and the safety of your loved ones."

~Amy Nelson, Columbus, OH

"Jason, thank you so much for providing such an experience! Not only is it a great conversation starter but I have learned some skills that I will keep and maintain for my life. Providing this opportunity to anyone is one of the best presents you can give them. Thank you for your skills, dedication and opportunity to learn."

~Kim Boiles, Boston, MA

"The things I learned in your course are invaluable to the everyday person with everything going on in society today, this course is something that everyone should take. I have already shown my wife the things I learned and feel she needs to know."

~Robbie Gustault, Alameda, CA