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2-Second Survival
Former CIA officer leaks the 2-second survival
secret taught to government operatives…
 … that could save you and your family from a
sudden and vicious attack.
Dear Friend,

Hi. My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA officer and security specialist.

You may have seen me on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Rachael Ray show, or various other news programs. (Below is a quick clip.)
But I didn’t create this presentation to talk about TV.


What I want to share with you is the single most important secret I’ve ever learned about keeping myself and my family alive.

Until now, I’ve only shared this with a few people…

I shared it with Holly Winters, a petite blond from Sarasota, Florida.

It helped her avoid getting kidnapped when two men rushed her at a gas station.

It helped a fellow named Don Malloy avoid getting attacked in an elevator in a Las Vegas casino… And it kept Cindy Colette from getting mugged while dropping her kids off at school.

Then there’s my friend Josh Oxton, who used the secret to stay alive when a criminal shoved a gun into his stomach in a mall parking lot.

But, before I go any further, I need to let you know…

I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to share this with you.

You see, I’ve already received one cease and desist letter from the Agency (below).
And the secret I’m about to share with you is so powerful, I’m not sure how long I’ll be allowed to keep this page up.

But for now…

Let me give you the full details on the 2-second survival secret that could mean the difference between surviving an unexpected attack… Or ending up dead, kidnapped, or crippled for life…
Two home invasions 
To help you better understand the 2-second survival secret let me tell you about Frank Salley and Derrick Jennings.

One night, in April of 2014, Frank Salley was asleep in his bed.

Around 3:00am, he was the victim of a horrific home invasion.

After the intruder broke into his home, he rushed to Frank’s bedroom and put a gun to his head. He shot Frank twice in the head, killing him in a matter of seconds.

Frank was only 27 at the time and was engaged to be married in less than two months.

In November 2013, Derrick Jennings of Surprise, Arizona found himself in almost the exact same situation as Frank… But he survived.

After an armed intruder broke into the home he made his way to the bedroom where Derrick and his wife were sleeping.

According to KTAR news in Arizona…

"The burglar then pointed the gun at Jennings' head and warned him not to move."

~KTAR news in Arizona

As I just mentioned, Derrick and his wife survived this attack and police quickly arrested the intruder.

And this begs the critical question…

How come some people who find themselves in almost the exact same crisis situations live while others don’t?

How come some Americans survive home invasions… Or getting attacked in the street… While others never stand a chance?

And I’m not talking about differences such as one group of people has years of martial arts training or is a Navy SEAL… While the other group is an average Joe.

I’m talking about why some ordinary Americans live and others die.

Here’s the answer that could save your life one day…
Why people freeze
Despite what most people think, when someone is faced with a survival situation they often freeze.

They don’t fight back and they do almost nothing to try and survive.

I know this sounds hard to believe, but scientists have a name for this reaction called “Negative Panic.”

As crisis author Amanda Ripley noted…

"Under certain conditions, on burning planes, sinking ships, or even impromptu battlefields, many people cease moving altogether. The decisive moment arrives, and they do nothing."

~Amanda Ripley, Author

And here’s what one newspaper reported about the horrible crime of rape…

"The doctor's evidence was that half of all rape victims report that they experienced a freeze reaction in the course of their assault: unable to move, unable to resist, unable to cry out."

So why do people freeze during a potentially deadly situation and how do you make sure this never costs you or a family member their life?

That’s where the 2-second survival secret comes in… 
What elite government operatives know
If a criminal ever tries to attack you or your family, there’s a few ways it’s likely to happen.  

It might be a home invasion where the intruder has a gun…

You might be walking away from an ATM machine when a criminal pulls a knife on you…

It could be when you’re at a stoplight and someone tries to grab you out of your vehicle and carjack you.

My point is, the criminal may use a gun, knife or just their bare hands…

But what you do during these first critical two seconds of the attack will determine whether you live or die. 

The reason people freeze during these 2 seconds is because they don’t know the secret of using their body as a devastatingly lethal weapon.  

You see, when I was with the Agency I was fortunate enough to get some of the world’s best self-defense training.

And, the “dirty little secret” that folks in the martial arts business don’t want you to know is that you don’t have to spend 30 years training in order to protect yourself.

The truth is, taking years of martial arts can actually hurt you when they teach you hundreds of ways to do a kick or punch to stop an attack. 

In other words, to survive the first critical 2 seconds there are only a handful of self-defense tactics you need to know in order to save your life.

These are the same tactics taught to elite government operatives.

Like you, these operatives can’t spend 30 years learning a martial art.

Instead, what they learn, and what I was taught, are the few critical tactics that instantly allow you to stop a threat and escape from a deadly situation.

For example…
How to survive when there’s
a gun to your head
At the beginning of this presentation I talked about the men who awoke with a gun to their head.  

If you ever find yourself in this situation, will you know exactly what to do?

Do you know the simple tactic that allows you to instantly take the gun away… Never give the intruder a chance to pull the trigger… And gives you complete control over the gun?

And like I mentioned, this lightning-quick gun disarm is the same technique taught to elite government units… But it’s easy to master no matter your age or gender and has nothing to do with how strong you are.

Or what if you were putting your keys in your car in the mall parking lot and a man pulled a knife on you?

Do you know the “flat blade” technique that allows you to instantly disarm a knife attacker causing the knife to fly to the ground without you getting cut?

Remember, even though these techniques are usually reserved for elite units they’re simple and natural to do.

In other words, I’ve shared these tactics with college students… Doctors … Stay at home moms… CEOs… Accountants… People with every imaginable background.    

In fact, the folks I’ve trained range from ages 9 to 77.

My point is, the tactics that will save your life during the first critical 2-seconds are SIMPLE, which is why it doesn’t matter your age, amount of strength you have, background, gender or what type of shape you’re in…

What matters is that you know these simple tactics so that if your life is ever on the line you don’t freeze and end up getting yourself or a family member killed. 

The bottom line is, any American can master these lifesaving tactics, which include… 
  • What you must do if you ever get in your car and find a criminal hiding in the backseat. (There’s a simple “elbow” trick that takes less than a second and allows you to exit the vehicle and flee to safety.)
  • How to escape when someone is choking you. (This “finger” tactic causes a criminal to immediately let go of you and recoil in pain and is so effective you should NEVER practice it with a training partner.)
  • The crucial move you must make when someone has a gun to your back that will keep you from getting kidnapped… Raped… Or killed. (The attacker will end up with a broken arm and you’ll walk away with your life.)
  • How to escape multiple attackers. (This is one of the most powerful secrets that will allow you to survive if two or more criminals are rushing you.) 
  • How to stop an attacker and bring him to his knees if he ever puts a knife to your throat. (Not only will the attacker end up on the ground but you’ll end up with his knife.)
  • How to defend yourself against an attacker who is throwing brutal punches at you. (Obviously, nobody wants to be punched in the face, but most people aren’t aware of the “forearm slash” that incapacitates an attacker and never allows them to land a punch on you.)
  • How to use your car steering wheel to defeat a carjacker who pulls a knife on you at a stoplight. (This move causes the knife to drop to the floor giving you a chance to escape to safety.)
Now, I want to make something clear…

I always have some type of weapon on me whether it’s a gun, knife or tactical pen, and I encourage you to do the same.

But the thing is, none of us have eyes in the back of our heads and some attacks happen so fast you might not have time to draw your weapon.

For example, Josh Oxton, who I mentioned earlier, was armed when a man put a gun to his chest.

It happened so fast Josh didn’t have time to draw his own gun.

Instead, during those first critical 2-seconds, he used one of the tactics I’m going to share with you to instantly stop the attacker so he didn’t get killed.  

Just imagine what could have happened to Josh that day if he hadn’t known this simple tactic?

And imagine what could happen to you if you’re walking out of a movie theater one day and a criminal pulls a knife or gun and you don’t know how to quickly and easily stop them.

What it all boils down to is this…

In today’s society, it’s not practical to go around and not know how to defend yourself and your loved ones.

That’s why I want to give you immediate access to these vital self-defense tactics that no American should be without.

Here’s how to get them right now…
How to stop a crazed attacker
Keep in mind, I didn’t invent these self-defense tactics and this isn’t some type of “system” I’ve created.

Instead, I assembled a handful of the most valuable tactics I ever learned and put them together in a short training session I call 2-Second Survival.

As I mentioned earlier, these tactics will keep you from freezing and doing nothing during the first critical 2-seconds of a crisis situation and they will allow you to stay alive.

These tactics include how to instantly defeat someone who puts a gun to your head… How to disarm an attacker with a knife… And how to thwart a carjacking.

But here’s what else you’ll discover in 2-Second Survival
  • How to use a tactical pen to stop a vicious punch from an attacker. It doesn’t matter if they’re throwing it right or left handed, you’ll immediately disable the attacker giving yourself a chance to escape unharmed.
  • How to neutralize a threat who has a gun pointed to your stomach. Maybe you’re at an ATM machine or loading groceries into a car when this happens, but you’ll know the instant “arm freeze” tactic that will keep you alive.
  • The single most important move you can make if an attacker grabs your hair, your shirt or your throat. (They’ll instantly end up on the ground ready to vomit.)
  • How to defend yourself against a knife or gun attack while seated. Maybe you’re sitting at your office desk or sitting in a restaurant when a criminal goes berserk. Now you’ll know exactly how to handle this situation so you can immediately defeat the criminal without getting stabbed or shot.
  • How to use your elbow to keep from getting pummeled to death. (This isn’t what you think, but is a simple tactic that can be mastered in about 5 minutes.)
  • How to instantly escape if a criminal grabs your wrist and tries to drag you away. (Not only should every adult know this, but your kids should too.)  
  • How to stop a crazed attacker who repeatedly tries to stab you with a knife. This “double hand” secret allows you to avoid getting slashed… To break the criminals arm… And gives you complete control over the knife.
Now, I don’t want to give everything away covered in 2-Second Survival, however, I will share with you the biggest benefit of all…

In short, after you learn these self-defense tactics you’ll have a newfound confidence and won’t ever feel powerless again when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.

Obviously, that peace of mind is priceless, which is why I’ve taught this to my own family members and why I plan to teach it to my children when they’re old enough.

The only question that remains is this…
Is this 2-Second Survival training
right for you?
Well, only you can answer that question.

But I can tell you with complete certainty that I believe 2-Second Survival is the single best way to protect yourself and your family on a daily basis.

After all, the tactics I share with you can be used at home, at work, in your car… Any place you may find yourself.

Plus, they can be learned in just minutes and you don’t have to spend years learning a martial art that won’t save you in a real life street attack.

So how much does this 2-Second Survival training cost?

Normally, this training is $97.

Quite frankly, I think that’s a bargain as both your life and mine are worth a lot more than $97.

And don’t forget, this is the same training given to Navy SEALs and other elite government personnel that will allow you to defend yourself during those first critical two seconds of an attack.

But because I want to make sure you have these lifesaving tactics I’ve made it even more affordable.

In short, for a limited time, 2-Second Survival is only $37… The lowest price I’ve ever offered.

What’s more, when you check out 2-Second Survival I’m also going to include another of my invaluable training courses for free…
FREE: 2-Second Knife Defense
Even if you don’t carry a gun, many people carry some type of knife with them on a daily basis. (I carry a Benchmade knife clipped to my pants pocket.)

The thing is, most people don’t know the crucial knife fighting tactics that will allow them to quickly end any attack while staying alive.

That’s why I’m giving you – for FREE – my 2-Second Knife Defense training that shows you…
  • The 3 critical questions you must ask yourself before choosing which knife to carry. 
  • How to survive a close quarters knife fight. (It doesn’t matter if you find yourself with your back up against the wall, this technique will keep you alive and allow you to deliver a finishing blow to your attacker.) 
  • The two critical knife stances. (If both you and the attacker have a knife there is one stance you NEVER want to be in.)
  • The single best knife grip for defending yourself against an attacker. (Plus, the “knuckle trick” that ensures the knife will never fall out of your hand during a fight.)
  • Why you must understand “knife orientation” in order to deploy your knife as quickly as possible when faced with a deadly situation.
  • A step-by-step guide to exactly where you want to strike an attacker with the knife. (This roadmap will show you the quickest ways to end a fight when your life is on the line.)
  • The special type of knife that allows lightning fast draws. (The intimidation factor is huge with this draw and will make anyone think twice about attacking you.)
  • How to ensure you don’t accidentally cut yourself when using the reverse-grip fighting style. (This little-known secret could mean the difference between stopping an attacker and ending up with a huge gash on your own hand.)
  • Dynamic flow drills you can do to make yourself a better knife fighter. (You can do these by yourself or with a partner and they take less than two minutes to practice.)
  • How to covertly deploy your knife and gain the element of surprise when someone is trying to harm you or your family. 
And much more…

This usually costs $149 because 2-Second Knife Defense is specialized and rare training.

But like I said, when you check out 2-Second Survival you can get this knife training for FREE.

And remember, I’ve never given away this knife training for free and don’t plan to keep this opportunity up for very long.

Also, if there’s any question about how 2-Second Survival and 2-Second Knife Defense could save your life one day, you can try this training risk-free.
90-Day Money Back Guarantee
In short, take the next 90-days to try this training risk free. If for any reason you don't think this training was worth every penny, and won’t keep you and your family safer, just let me know.

I'll give you a prompt and courteous full refund… No questions asked and no hassles…The way I’d expect to be treated if our situations were reversed.

Just keep in mind, this special offer won't be around long.

As soon as you sign up for this training you'll get instant online access to both 2-Second Survival and 2-Second Knife Defense.  

You see, I want to give you this lifesaving training as quickly as possible… At the lowest price possible.

In other words, there's no way I'd be able to make you this offer and give you 2-Second Survival and a free copy of 2-Second Knife Defense for only $37 if I had to pay for shipping and handling and hire a company to produce DVDs.

The good news is, two minutes from now you can have instant online access to both 2-Second Survival and 2-Second Knife Defense.  

What it all boils down to is this:

You can either miss out on this training that could save your life… Or you can take advantage of this risk-free offer and get 2-Second Survival and 2-Second Knife Defense delivered to you immediately.

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Stay safe,
Jason Hanson

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