As seen on ABC's Shark Tank and the NBC TODAY Show
Get this Identity Protection Tool
for FREE as Part of This Month's 
Special Giveaway!
Get this Identity Protection Tool
for FREE as Part of This Month's 
Special Giveaway!
Click on
the orange
button to
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Identity Protection

Dear Friend, 

As I just mentioned, my name is Jason Hanson.

I'm a former CIA officer and a security specialist.

You may have seen me on ABC's Shark Tank, the Rachael Ray Show, or the NBC TODAY Show. (A short video clip is below.)

I'm excited to be giving away 2,500 Identity Protection Cards for FREE. It's my way of introducing you to both myself and the survival company that I run called Spy Escape & Evasion.

Already, I've shipped several hundred of these cards and only have a limited supply left so don't wait to get yours today.

After you've gotten your card, please do me a favor and share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Also, give them the link to this page so they too can better protect their identity and privacy.

Thank you!

More Details About Your FREE
Identity Protection Tool
  • RFID blocking card makes your personal information invisible to identity thieves and hackers
  • Card contains special E-Field Technology that prevents criminals from extracting your personal information
  • Simply put the card in your wallet and you’re automatically protected
  • Doesn’t use any batteries and never needs to be recharged
Claim your FREE Identity Protection
Card today while supplies last!
Like I mentioned, the reason I'm giving away this free Identity Protection Card is to introduce you to both myself and my survival company.

The fact is, since I left the Agency, I've made it my life's mission to help good, honest Americans learn critical survival tactics to help keep their families safer on a daily basis.

To get your free Identity Protection Card click on the orange button below. Just remember, supplies are limited so don't delay!
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