Former CIA Officer Reveals Stunning Secret…
Inside “The Agency’s”
Black-Ops Playbook…
An unprecedented look into the dark arts of real-world espionage and black-ops that’s so detailed and  raw, the CIA redacted entire pages.
  •    Complete details of actual CIA operations: The mission objectives, strategies & tactics, what went right or wrong (and who ended up dead), including after action reports from the actual field operatives themselves…
  •   This step-by-step black-ops “playbook” reveals the secrets of top CIA operatives for an unflappable mindset, lethal self-defense tactics, and “unkillable” survival skills to keep you alive in any scenario you find yourself in – and they work regardless of age, sex or experience…
My name is Jason Hanson…

I’m a former CIA Officer. 

Here’s one of the awards I received from the CIA for my service.
During my time at the Agency I trained with the most lethal fighters and best instructors on the planet, at top-secret facilities our government swears don’t exist…

And, I learned that elite warriors all possess one thing that sets them apart from everyone else:

It’s not strength, speed, agility or any other physical or mental “leg up” on the rest of us…

Instead, it’s a set of simple, no-fail principles, strategies and tactics they use to execute a mission and stay alive when things go sideways…

It’s like a proven playbook they all rely on and, for the first time ever, you can too.

Whether it’s civil unrest exploding into mayhem on our city streets… violent criminals and gangs… terrorism and kidnappings here at home or overseas… natural disasters… the news is flooded with emergencies that strike without warning.

And when your life is on the line, you can’t be left hoping you’ll know what to do.

You can’t depend on untested theories that crumble under the stress of real-world emergencies or deadly combat.
Like Every Elite Warrior, You Need Your
Own Battle-Tested “Playbook”
And that’s exactly what this letter is all about…

You see, along with being a former CIA officer, I’m also a New York Times bestselling author.

And, I’ve just written a new book called Survive Like A Spy.
In Survive Like A Spy you’ll go deep inside actual CIA operations…

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the secrets of the Agency’s best operatives for staying alive and executing the mission – even when things go terribly wrong.

And, I personally dissect each mission to show you exactly how to install the same mindset, strategies and tactics into your own life to keep you and your family safe.

Here’s the best part…

This “playbook” is designed to be instantly absorbed.

So, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence you need to keep yourself and your family safe, right at your fingertips, whenever you need it.

And it doesn’t matter what your experience level is… it doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young… or how strong, agile or fast you are.

What you’ll discover inside “Survive Like A Spy” will work for you.

Here’s why…

CIA operatives can’t look like spies. They can’t stick out, even under heavy scrutiny.

Many spies look and act like normal folks – because they are.

In fact, there’s only one crucial difference between you and them:

Their “playbook.”

Everything they’re taught about how to defend and survive in the most hostile mission environments has to work regardless of their physical make-up.

And that’s exactly what you’re getting…
The Battle-Proven, “Can’t Fail” Strategies, Tactics And Secrets Of The World’s Top CIA Operatives
Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover inside “Survive Like A Spy”…
  •    The 4-part “Spy Cycle” and how to execute each component so you can start using it tomorrow if you want to gain intelligence that will make you safer and more successful in life.         
  •    The number one reason most people sell their country’s secrets to the United States (and it’s got nothing to do with politics, philosophy, health or safety). Please beware if somebody approaches you offering this…
  •    Hone your inner “Spy Sense” quickly and easily – and six ways to give yourself an unbeatable mindset…
  •   “The Moscow Rules”: a set of unbreakable rules for U.S. spies in Moscow. Violate any one of them and you were likely dead. The ten most important rules to help keep you safe anywhere you go are listed on page 15. 
  •    The simple method spies use to stay one-step ahead of their foes. Most people will never do it because they’re lazy… yet it’s so easy anyone can use it to get an almost “unfair advantage” in any situation. See page 19 for details.
  •    How to run a pro-level Surveillance Detection Route (SDR) to force anyone following you to reveal themselves. This simple tactic has saved countless lives – I share my wife’s story on page 33.
  •    Finding and using cover stops… hunker down sites… intrusion points… and safe sites. You’ll be shocked at how many places around your hometown you can use in a pinch. Check out page 36 for more info.
  •    Inside the real world of “Q”.  The CIA’s vast network of expert manufacturers and craftsmen who can make just about any piece of gear a spy can cook up.
  •    The safest place to establish a cache so you can actually get to it in an emergency. Plus a materials list, the items to stow, and the six steps you must follow if you insist on burying your cache.
  •    The true story of Russia’s plot to rain death on U.S. citizens using the Puffer Fish, and how CIA operatives uncovered and thwarted it.
  •    How and why to spread “disinformation” when you need to throw people off your scent or engineer an outcome.
  •    The #1 “No-Go” area for spies. Every spy avoids this at all costs, and although it’s almost a guarantee there’s one of these near you, here’s why you should steer clear.
  •    Why you should regularly reassess your town – even if you’ve lived there all your life – and the four main things to look for when you do. While most folks “zig,” you’ll be armed with the right info to “zag” and stay alive.
  •    The first thing to do any time you’re faced with a potentially violent confrontation.
  •    Use the “Zero, Five, Twenty-Five” technique to stay alive after the first bomb detonates because the rule of thumb after a blast is: there’s often a second bomb.
  •    What never to do with your cellphone if you’re anywhere near an explosion. It’s got nothing to do with calling loved ones, cell tower overload or anything like that, but this could have deadly consequences.
  •    The right way to breathe during an explosion. Many bombing deaths happen because folks near the blast don’t know how to breathe correctly, so their lungs get destroyed, but you’ll know how to avoid this fatal mistake and stay alive.
  •   And more…
And those are just highlights from the first four chapters (the book has eleven chapters in all).

Every page of “Survive Like A Spy” is packed with crucial information, including…
How To Become A Master Of Persuasion
And Elicitation
Create and live inside a cover identity without tripping up and giving yourself away – this is exactly how spies blend in and are essentially “ghosts.” This is why Survive Like a Spy reveals…
  • The six “Weapons of Mass Influence” and how to use each one when you need to persuade someone…
  • A Japanese tactic for getting instant rapport with someone you’ve never met before…
  • The seven “Rapport Killers” you must avoid – these can permanently damage any friendship, business acquaintance or personal relationship…
  • Elicitation 101: the six ways to get information out of anyone, especially when they don’t want to give it to you… 
Plus, the five subtle ways to shut down anyone attempting to illicit information from you…

You’ll also find out what “heating up an area” means, and how to easily avoid it… the 3 rules for creating the perfect diversion… and…
How to Survive A Kidnapping
If you’re taken, you’ll get the truth about how to actively participate in your own rescue…

Plus, you get simple “mind hacks” for memorizing the route the kidnappers use to transport you.

It’s also vital for rescue efforts that the right people know you’re still alive.

To ensure that happens, Survive Like A Spy spells out exactly how and where to leave hidden DNA trails for rescuers to find as proof you’re still alive – but your kidnappers can’t see or remove.

And, why you should always establish a “health problem” early on if you’re kidnapped, the best problems to establish – and the ones you never want to lie about …
Traveling Safely In The Age Of Terrorism
In addition to keep you safe from kidnappers, Survive Like a Spy covers what actual CIA operatives do when they travel.

From them, you’ll learn how to build your own “Spy Travel Kit” – every item and why you need it is listed out for you.

Traveling by plane?

Here are the 7 pieces of spy gear you should take with you when flying (don’t worry, you can waltz through any TSA checkpoint with these).

You’ll also discover the two best places to hide things in your hotel room so thieves and nosy maids can’t find it (don’t bother with the safe, it’s about as secure as a wet cardboard box).

Plus, when and why you’ll want to absolutely steer clear of American Embassies during emergencies while traveling.

And, much more, such as…
Executing Elite Tradecraft
Maneuvers Like A Pro
How to execute brush passes and dead drops, car tosses, and foot tosses and how to create and using covert signaling.

The 3 things you absolutely must remember when building a concealment device…

And, a “rookie mistake” that will ruin your dead drop – do this and you’ll blow the whole thing, yet it’s easy to avoid once you know how.
How To Avoid Being Hacked,
Spied On Or Scammed
The foundation for keeping your private information out of the hands of bad actors starts with your passwords.

You’ll find nine password tips to help ensure your personal information stays safe and secure.

You’ll learn the four ways to thwart hackers while using public Wi-Fi… and learn how to elude an online “Man in the Middle” attack.

Be sure to run “The New York Times Test” on every email you send.

The crucial difference between Phishing and Spearphishing, and what you need to know so you aren’t duped.

One thing many people do at brick and mortar stores that jeopardizes their personal information online.

Plus, more, including… 
How To Survive Anything From A
Home Invasion, Extended Blackout
Or Even Economic Collapse
How to keep your loved one’s safe when they’re alone… Eight safety measures to use if you work by yourself that can save your life… The 5 criteria for legally using surveillance cameras…

How to take complete control of your own water source… And the only water filter I trust my family’s life and health with (I once used it to drink from a urine filled toilet at the local McDonald’s to prove it works)…

The black art of turning common household items into lethal self-defense weapons…

Simple instructions for building 5 deadly improvised weapons you can keep handy “just in case”…

How to create a safe room in your house for just pennies… The 8 pieces of gear and supplies you absolutely need in any safe room…

Plus, how to use the “7-second rule” to keep your family safe and on the same page while executing your home self-defense plan.

But, that’s not all…

When you order your copy of “Survive Like A Spy” from this page today, you’re also going to get two valuable bonuses.

Remember earlier when I told you the CIA tried to bury pages of this book?

Well, they made me pull out an entire section of information before they’d clear me to publish “Survive Like A Spy”

But I figured out a 100% legal way to share this with you and I’m releasing the “lost chapter” as a bonus when you order your copy of “Survive Like A Spy” today.

Here are the details on this special bonus…
Bonus #1 The Lost Chapter:
"Ghost Ops: How To Make Yourself Practically Invisible, And If Necessary, Disappear
Without a Trace"
If you ever need to disguise yourself or learn how to blend into practically any environment in the United States or overseas... then you'll see exactly how to do it in this guide.

You may never need to wear a disguise so you can run a covert op in a non-permissive environment overseas...

But, you never know when you might need to disappear in plain sight.

In today's America, it's very likely you could end up on the wrong side of town where just being a certain race could put your life at risk and knowing how to disguise yourself could save your life.

In this guide, I'll show you how to make yourself practically invisible, starting on the first page where I reveal why these "Ghost Ops" secrets are so valuable and how they could keep you out of the grave one day.

Then, I'll show you the key differences between a "close disguise" (where you can fool even family members up close) and a "distance disguise" -- that you can hastily make to blend into large crowds...

This is the type of advanced knowledge that operatives going overseas, deep behind enemy lines rely on to save their lives.

But, there's more to becoming a "Ghost" than just disguises, which is why I'll show you in detail...
How To Vanish
Which is something all self-reliant Americans should know, even if you've never done anything wrong, or think you may never use this knowledge.

The fact is, the world keeps getting more dangerous and unpredictable each day...

You never know when you’ll suddenly have a crazy ex-spouse you need to get away from… Or a co-worker or employee who turns into a stalker.

Or maybe, one day, for whatever reason, you'll just need to disappear and start a brand new life somewhere else.

After reading this short guide, you'll have the crucial skills necessary, including...

The two most important items you need when planning to disappear. I’ll show you how to get your hands on these items and exactly how to use them.

The exact 3-step process that must be followed if you want to remain off the grid for good… even out of the reach of the government.

The fact is, by the time I’m done showing you how to disappear you’ll know how to vanish from the grid so effectively that NOBODY will be able to find you.

But I must warn you first...

Some of these secrets of going "Ghost" are way too powerful to play with... in fact, in order to vanish off the grid completely, there are some steps you'll never be able to reverse.

So unless you truly need to disappear to save your life or protect your family, I don't ever recommend taking it this far.

That said, you'll discover dozens of ways to protect your privacy and learn covert disguise tradecraft you can use in an emergency inside these pages.

And this "missing chapter" is yours FREE...

It's also important to understand that on this webpage, right now, is the only place you'll ever be able to gain access to this "missing chapter" report.

It will never be sold on Amazon or in any bookstore.
Bonus #2 Tomahawk Fighting Masterclass:
Fighting, Defending and Killing With A Tomahawk…
Listen… I’ve got to tread very carefully with what I’m about to share.

Let’s just say there may or may not be a certain “fast strike” team that takes out terrorists in the dead of the night using nothing but a tomahawk.

Perhaps some special operations teams have quickly taken to fighting with a tomahawk because in the right hands, a tomahawk is one of the most brutal close quarters combat weapons...

And, it’s a stealthier way to kill than “going loud” with flash bangs and guns blazing.

On top of that, the specter of a group of tomahawk wielding killers lurking in the shadows strikes a chord of fear into their enemies.

This is why I’m bringing in one of the world’s top experts who’s trained the Navy SEALs and other elite Special Forces Operators to show you how to fight and protect yourself with a tomahawk. 

During this 60-minute masterclass, he’ll show you how to use the tomahawk like an elite operative.

And, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a tomahawk before, by the end of this class you’ll have a lethal set of tomahawk knowledge to defend yourself.

In fact, here’s some of what you’re going to learn:
  • The most devastating close-range strikes, chops, cuts and slices to destroy an opponent with your tomahawk.
  • How to “hook and scoop” using the beard of the tomahawk to deflect an enemy attack and open him up for a lightning-fast kill shot.
  • How to create an impenetrable wall of defense around yourself by blocking, trapping and disarming with nothing more than the handle of your tomahawk.
  • How to quickly and easily pin and maim appendages when you want to immobilize but not kill an attacker…
  • Instantly shift from defense to vicious counter attack in one fluid motion with your tomahawk.
  • Using the tip and butt of your tomahawk like a battering ram to deliver deadly blows to the throat, head and spine.
  • Using the spike of your tomahawk to punch gaping holes in an enemy… he’ll feel like you pounded a railroad spike into him and any one of these shots can end the fight right there.
  • Soft targets on the human body to stab and tear with your tomahawk that will end the fight in one hit.
  • And so much more, there’s not time or room to cover it all here…
This class all by itself is worth at least $197… But you get it completely FREE with your copy of “Survive Like A Spy” when you order off this page.

Just keep in mind, there is one small “catch” to this offer…

You can only get these two amazing bonuses when you order your copy of Survive Like A Spy off of this webpage today.

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The fact is, the new book comes out on March 6, 2018, but when you pre-order right now you get the two free bonuses as part of this early order special.

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I’m a man that believes in the honor system.

I’m going to take your word… Man to Man… that you’ve ordered my new book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound. 

In other words, I don’t need a copy of your receipt.

Just send an email to and tell me you’ve ordered the book.

I’ll take your word for it and in just minutes, you’ll have access to the Missing Chapter Bonus and the Tomahawk Fighting Masterclass.
It’s my sincere wish that you will continue to enjoy your everyday life (family, friends, work, leisure activities, travels, etc.) as this world of ours continues to become more dangerous than ever. 

It’s also my wish that not only will my book, Survive Like a Spy entertain you…

But, that it will also help you to feel empowered and to be more prepared if “the stuff hits the fan” in your life. 

Click on one of the icons below and pre-order a copy of my new book. 
Stay safe,

Jason Hanson