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Violence is running rampant in our nation, and the safety of you and your loved ones has never been at greater risk.

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My name is Jason Hanson.

I’m a former CIA Officer and one of the awards I got while with the Agency is below.
Like I mentioned, I’d like to rush you a free copy of my book.

The book is loaded with secrets for staying safe and surviving the deadliest of threats you may ever face.

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I’ve been told the U.S. Government spent more than $75,000 on my Top Secret security clearance, plus another six-figures to train me.

What we got were the most coveted, “never fail” secrets, used by elite intelligence operatives that are quick, easy to learn and master, and devastatingly effective.

I took all those hard-won secrets, wisdom, experience, and training…

And distilled everything down into seven “Spy Survival Rules” that are the must-have foundation for true survival and preparedness.

Without them, you’re never truly prepared.

I promise your life will be profoundly changed as you adopt these seven simple Spy Survival Rules that are found in the FREE copy of my book I’m going to send to you.

For example…
  • Confidently adapt to any threat or crisis you encounter without getting panicked or losing your cool… Page 2
  • Become an “army of one” who’s able to protect yourself, your family, and help others in an emergency… Page 3
  • The one thing you must never do in a survival situation. It’s contrary to human nature, but it’s a lethal error that’s easy to avoid once you know this rule… Page 4
  • Your first priority when threatened with any type of violence or catastrophe. (Hint: it’s not food, water, weapons or a skill)… Page 5
  • How to thwart break-ins, stop a criminal cold in his tracks, and keep you and your loved ones safe by answering one simple question… Page 6
  • Develop a “sixth sense” to know when something’s “off” wherever you’re at. Spies follow this rule to stay alive in the most hostile environments on the planet. And, it’s so easy, you can start using it today… Page 6
  • Defeat the single biggest threat to your safety before it ever rears its ugly head. Simply knowing this life-saving rule puts you light years ahead of ordinary citizens… Page 7
These seven Spy Survival Rules are so fundamental to survival and preparedness, that a chance to learn them is easily worth a small fortune – but you’re getting them for free.

And, that’s just the first chapter of the book…

There are eleven more chapters, each loaded with lifesaving information on everything from…
  • How to easily dodge the deadly threat posed by your smart phone (it’s potentially lethal but has nothing to do with hackers, radiation, overheating batteries or anything like that)… Page 13
  • A simple 4-word mantra that will keep you alive in any emergency… Page 18
  • Three patterns most criminals exhibit before a violent attack (and how to instantly spot them.)… Page 19
  • Is the person next to you a thug about to attack? Here’s how to tell ( this works whether you’re walking, running, or riding in a car)… Page 11
  • Three subtle ways your brain tricks you into feeling safe even when you’re faced with immediate danger – and easy way to keep from falling for these tricks… Pages 21-22
  • Hear captured criminals confess about what they look for in a target, and how to use this information to keep yourself and your family from becoming a victim… Page 30
  • The three tiers of survival gear that will get you through nearly any situation, including an item-by-item checklist of what a former CIA officer actually carries in each tier… Page 33
  • Covert ways to quickly gather human intelligence for places you’re traveling to… Page 46
  • The 6 vital pieces of intelligence you need to gather about your community that are invaluable for your safety and survival – getting this info is quick and easy and sets you apart from 99% of people in your area… Page 49
  • How to “get out of dodge” when the roads are clogged, gas stations are dry, store shelves are empty, and your town disintegrates into anarchy (not one in 1,000 people think of this escape route)… Page 50
  • How much food and water do you really need to store for an emergency? What about cash? This section cuts through all the confusion and spells out exactly what you need…Page 51
You’ll also learn the three immediate steps to
take in the event of a crisis. While everyone
else is scrambling for a plan, you’ll
be safe and sound.
Plus, you’ll learn…
  • How to free yourself from duct tape in seconds, even if you’re taped from behind… beaten and injured… or taped around the legs, hands and mouth and stuffed in a trunk… Page 54
  • The A-B-C’s of escaping zip ties (and a simple Plan B if you’re hurt or injured)… Page 56
  • Why you should always swap out your shoelaces with this piece of survival gear… Page 59
  • Tied up with rope? No problem. Escape with ease using this “shimmy” technique… Page 61
  • How to escape from handcuffs in less than 30 seconds… Page 62
  • What to do if you’re ever kidnapped and a simple mind game that causes your kidnappers to drop their guard so you can slip away… Page 66
  • How to scamper over barbed wire or razor wire fences without suffering so much as a scratch… Page 68
  • A sneaky use for duct tape that most people don’t even consider… Page 71
  • How to hot-wire a car and the type of car you must choose if you’re going to hot wire it (get this wrong and you’ll fail every time)… Page 69
  • How to pick 75% of the front door locks in America in 10 seconds or less. (Scary fact: criminals can do this too. Are you vulnerable? Unless you have these types of locks on your home, the answer is yes)… Page 72
And a ton more…

Once you read this book and discover the secrets inside, you’ll have an arsenal of self-defense and survival tactics at your disposal whenever you need them.

That means you’ll be able to live a safer and happier life… quell your anxiety… and help others…

Because you’ll have the skills, tools and confidence to know you can respond quickly to any emergency situation you or your loved ones may face.

Here’s Why I’m Giving Away All This
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“Last week whilst taking my mother to France for Xmas (We are still here) she accidentally locked and padlocked her case with the keys inside. Anyway I had a go and remembering a video of yours I watched… I tensioned the lock, raked the pins and then jiggled them. "Snick". The lock came open. And my mother was VERY happy! Thank you for your help and for making my Mum, not only happy but a little bit proud of me too!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Michael Robary, London, England  
The reason I’m giving you a FREE copy of my book, Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life is simple:

I believe it’s a great way to introduce myself and to demonstrate my commitment to helping every American better protect their family in the unpredictable world we live in.

By taking me up on this offer, you can judge the quality for yourself, with all the risk resting on me to deliver.

And, if you find the book as valuable as I believe you will, my sincere hope is that you’ll want to look into more of my training and products in the future.

But of course, that’s totally up to you to decide.

So today, I’ve set aside 250 copies of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life to give away with this offer on a first come, first served basis.

All I ask is that you cover a small $4.95 shipping and handling charge. Unfortunately, the post office doesn’t give me free postage. So, I’m giving you the book for free, all you cover is S&H.

What’s more, I’m so confident you’ll find your FREE copy of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life loaded with amazingly valuable, lifesaving secrets, that I’m backing it with my…
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You must agree that Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life is packed with immediately useful information that can prepare you for virtually any crisis or emergency you or your family may face.

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To make this even more of a “no-brainer” for you, along with your free book, I’m also giving you two valuable bonus gifts worth over $120.

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Bonus #1:
The “Missing Chapter”

I’ve written an extra “missing chapter” that doesn’t appear in the original version of the book.

And, you will get instant access to the downloadable PDF version of this new chapter today.

This chapter is called, “The #1 Secret to Protecting Your Faith, Family, and Freedom.”
This missing chapter reveals…
  • The single most important phrase by a religious leader that exposes the true definition of success… Page 5
  • A weird little test – that takes less than 15 seconds – which will determine your family’s ability to survive a food crisis… Page 9
  • How to ensure your family NEVER loses their freedom and becomes dependent on the government… Page 6
  • The ridiculously simple method I use to protect my family financially (including how I store my emergency stash of cash)… Page 22
  • The truth of self-reliance and why most people get it wrong (don’t let this happen to you)…. Page 7
  • How to ensure you always have clean drinking water (and how this saved me when I was overseas)… Page 19
  • Satan’s #1 trick for destroying your family and everything you’ve worked hard for (and what you can do about it)… Page 23
  • And much more…
You’ll pay upwards of $16.00 to get a copy of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life on either Amazon or at a bookstore like Barnes and Noble, and it won’t have this bonus chapter in it.
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This is an exclusive webinar that shows you the 41 critical items you must have in your survival kit to help you escape a crisis.

Best of all, since this is a webinar, you’ll see me put all 41 items out on my work table where I thoroughly explain why each piece of gear is so critical.

Normally, this webinar costs $97 – but you’ll get immediate online access to the webinar for free when you claim your book today.
At This Point You’ve Got Two Choices…
You can cross your fingers and hope you or your loved ones never suffers an attack or a robbery or a crisis of any kind…

And, you can entrust your family’s welfare to the civil authorities and trust they’ll be around anytime you face a life-or-death emergency.


Right now, you can claim your free copy of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life.

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Stay safe,

Jason Hanson
Former CIA Officer
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